Modern slavery act statement

The following statement is made by Diligent Boardbooks Limited (“Diligent”) pursuant to section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the "Act") and explains the approach of the organisation in addition to the steps taken to ensure compliance with the Act.

Diligent develops and sells a variety of software applications, including Diligent Boards, a board portal providing directors and management with immediate access to time sensitive and confidential information, allowing corporate executives to streamline board communications and discussions. Diligent uses the Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) model to distribute its applications to the market. Diligent is incorporated in England and Wales and employs approximately 175 people, as at the date of issuance of this Statement.

Policies and Approach

As an office-based supplier of software, Diligent operates in an extremely low-risk sector and the likelihood of any occurrence of modern slavery or human trafficking in our business or supply chain is small. Notwithstanding this, Diligent commits to working to the very highest professional and ethical standards and is always transparent in all its dealings. Diligent has a zero-tolerance policy with respect to slavery and human trafficking and ensures that these same standards are met by those it works with.

Diligent has a robust framework of rules and encourages the reporting of any issues, concerns and breaches so that they can be handled appropriately in accordance Diligent’s internal policies and HR processes including those set out in its Code of Conduct.

Due Diligence Process

Diligent is committed to engaging ethical vendors and conduct appropriate due diligence on all new material and significant vendors. This procedure includes questions with respect to vendors’ practices to seek assurances that vendors are also committed to working to the highest standards. Depending on the relationship and circumstances, Diligent may request that a vendor provides further additional detail.

Diligent includes provisions in its vendor agreements that require compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Diligent aims to create long-term relationships with chosen vendors and refresh diligence on such vendors regularly to determine whether further enquiries should be made. Diligent always avoids instructing vendors that it considers conflict with its commitment to the highest human rights principles and ethical standards.

Diligent personnel involved in the procurement of services or products from third parties are aware of Diligent’s commitment to honest and fair employment practices and are reminded of the key issues of modern slavery on a regular basis.

This statement has been approved on behalf of Diligent Boardbooks Limited.

Adam Ginsberg, Director
15th January 2024


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